Seedless with Mister CR, Ras Kass

SEEDLESS – CALI LIFE (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Ft. Mister CR, Ras Kass (Prod. by Maru Wine)

A Legend MC of LA “Volume 10” album Brain Damage

Outside My Window

Beat Grand Prix mixtape

NEW2 aka Back Spin ver18.0 (rough demo)


Awakening ver12.1 (rough demo)



before 2020

サマージャム’95  リミックスのリミックス



Underground lyricist from West Philly “I-Be4evr”

I-BE4EVR / IS ALL (RIGHT) prod. Maru Marmello

LA real G “Mister CR”

,be yourself by Mister CR


A Legendary Group from CAMDEN NJ, “The Nuthouse”

The Nuthouse / Lay em Down prod. Maru Marmello


Rap Monster from West Philly “Afloe”

Afloe Music Video "Here I Am" T.Y.K / INFITAINMENT



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